Who is Motso Lifestyle Blog?

Do you feel like you want more out of your current twenties and just want to develop yourself?

Well, you have arrived at the right place.

Welcome to Motso Lifestyle Blog.

Hey beautiful people. Welcome to my lifestyleblog. My name is Kgomotso and I am the creator of MLB. Before I speak about my blog I would like to introduce myself. I am a 20-year-old blogger and content creator based in South Africa.  I am an introvert and a lover of many hobbies such as blogging, dancing, singing and content creation.

Motso Lifestyle Blog is a millennial, youthful lifestyle blog aimed at providing lifestyle and personal development tips for the woman in her twenties. The blog will also document my journey as introvert in the big blogging world. The blog will offer a mixture of personal and professional writing.

Picture of Kgomotso
This is a picture of me.

Why I started Motso Lifestyle Blog?

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to document my journey as a young woman developing herself and navigating herself in the world. I also decided to start this blog to share my tips and experiences in areas I am passionate about. My goal is to provide valuable content and advice for any woman who also feels like they can relate to me.

What you can expect from this blog?

You can expect tips and content on how to develop yourself and become a better version of yourself and work on your mental health. Here is a post on how to prioritise yourself :

14 Amazing Ways to Prioritize Yourself in Your 20’s

My motto for my blog is that: “There is room and space for all of us to prosper”. There is always room and abundance for all of us to prosper in the universe and my blog will make sure to provide the best tips and tricks on how to become the best you.

Where to find me?

You can follow me on Twitter where I promote my blog posts frequently:

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You can also follow me on Instagram where I post content for my blog:


I also have a second Instagram that is my brand account (Motso Lifestyle) . On this second Instgram account I also post quotes and everything lifestyle related.

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That’s all for now, I hope you join the Motso Lifestyle Blog gang.