Yoga Diaries: 1

I never knew that yoga could be such an intense and difficult exercise. Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I’m introduce a new series to my blog and I want to write about my yoga journey

I fell inlove with yoga around early last year after quarantine hit. I had misconceptions about yoga from my past beliefs  such as:
1. Yoga is difficult
2. Yoga is for the morning only
3. You need to be at a certain level in your life to practice yoga.
4. I need to be spiritually awakened first to practice yoga ( I’m currently going through an awakening though)
But these were just misconceptions about yoga from my past.
When I first started doing yoga last year  and committed to it, I fell in love with but fell off the wagon and didn’t practise it fully.
But now that I am learning to balance myself and find my place in the world, yoga has provided that for me.
I also practice yoga for a few mintues during my day when I’m sitting outisde or even before I go to bed sometimes.
Last night before I slept, I journaled and took 8 deep breaths and did the child’s pose and catcow pose. I really slept peacefully.
This is what I’m finding so far on my yoga journey:
There is just so much to learn and I find that the more I do it as a daily practice the more I learn about my limits physically  as a person. I also learn how to challenge myself with the yoga videos I follow.
I honestly never knew that yoga could be intense and work out your muscles. I always knew when I did warrior poses or lunges combined with breathing techniques I would feel the sensation.
But today’s workout by Yoga with Adrienne that I did from YouTube truly showed me that Vinyasa yoga is something else.
Here is the link:
Yoga for Strength
(Ps: I didn’t finish the whole video I only did of halfway. My body was already feeling it).
How did I come across Vinyasa yoga?
Well I’ve been reading a lot of self development blogs so far and lot of people kept on writing about how yoga helped them on their journey and the Vinyasa Practice kept showing up in the posts I read.
So I decided to try it today. And all I can say is, it woke my body up and truly gave me that sensation.
I’m very happy and excited to embark  on this yoga journey of mine. It means more discovery to myself, more exploration and more findings.
As someone who struggles with anxiety and social anxiety, I think I have found solace and comfort in yoga because it is becoming my comfort place.
I’m also loving affirmations from Leanor Alxandra from Youtibe.
Here is a link of the affirmations I listen this morning:
Prosperity and abundance affirmations
This all for now to conclude this is what I can say:
The current phase of my life is dedicated to helping me ground myself and work on daily habits that help me not spiral into mental illnesses.
I’m learning to embrace the journey and also document it. I’m very excited to wrote about my findings.
I’m also proud of myself for showing up for yoga because getting out bed was not easy for me today, when I wanted to get out bed I started getting sleepy.
But I pushed myself to get out and when I got into my yoga mat and started the practice, I could already feel my body waking up.
I know on most days I can wake up early but the problem arises when I have to get to the yoga mat sometimes, it is on those days that I actually enjoy yoga the most.
So are you also starting yoga at the moment? How are you finding it? And what are your lessons so far? Let me know in the comments section.
See you next time
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