14 Amazing Ways to Prioritize Yourself in Your 20’s

Hey loves, welcome back to my blog. I am so grateful that you took the time out of your day to read my blogpost.

Today’s blogpost will provide  14 amazing ways to prioritize yourself in your 20s.It will provide ways in how you can achieve this.

Prioritizing yourself takes a lot of learning and unlearning to do so it’s very important to note that you should not be hard on yourself on this journey.

Instead, be gentle with yourself and take everything step by step. Plus, we have all the time anyway since we are locked down.

What does it mean to prioritize yourself?

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Prioritizing yourself means choosing yourself and making yourself and your mental health the most important thing in your life.

Because let’s be honest, you can’t pour from an empty cup so making yourself a priority helps you build yourself and prevent any heartbreaks from the disappointments from life.

Signs that you need to prioritize yourself?

  • You feel like you are always the one reaching out in your relationships and friendships.
  • You feel drained from your interactions in life.
  • You feel dependent on others to be happy and content.
  • You feel unfulfilled and unhappy with where you currently are in life.
  • You feel lost and confused with your direction in your life.
  • You are tired of settling for what you currently have in life.

Well, if you feel any of the feelings and emotions above, this blog post is for you.

Even if you don’t feel any of the emotions mentioned and just want to learn more ways to prioritize yourself, this blogpost is still for you!

prioritize yourselfSo,how can you start reclaiming your power back and prioritizing yourself like you should?

Keep on reading to find out!

Here are the 14 ways to prioritize yourself in your 20’s:

1. Put Yourself First.

You need to be selfish with yourself and put yourself first. You need to prioritize yourself by putting your interests, mental health, emotional health, and life first. Everyone else is also choosing themselves and putting themselves first, so why are you putting yourself last? It all starts with you and how you treat yourself.

2. Take Care of Yourself.

Self-care is the best care. You need to take care of yourself and prioritize your self-care because maintaining your self-care practices will help you feel better about yourself. So shower, take a bath, do a face-mask, wear clean comfy clothes and spray on some perfume. These small changes may seem obvious but at times it becomes the last thing on your mind when you stop prioritizing yourself.

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3.  Prioritize Yourself by Filling Up Your Cup.

Practice loving yourself more and more every day. You cannot pour from an empty cup, you constantly need to fill up your cup by loving yourself and letting your cup overflow.

4. Discover Yourself All Over Again.

Maybe you lost yourself to giving your all in a friendship or relationship. Well, it’s time to change that and discover yourself in the process. Learn your likes and dislikes. Keep discovering your interests and hobbies. Learn yourself all over again.

woman in blue shirt listening to music

5. Prioritize Yourself by  Putting Your Mental Health First.

Take care of your mind and your mental health. Everything we do in life starts with our outlook and attitude towards it. So, make sure to preserve your mental health and invest in taking care of it. Reach out for help if you need to.

6. Invest in Your Happiness.

Happiness is everything in life. Being happy plays a huge role in how you deal with your trials and tribulations in life. Happiness is also different for every individual, so make sure you make yourself happy first and focus on your own happiness.

7. Pursue Your Passions.

Start doing activities that you are passionate about because they will fulfill you and make you feel content. Start sketching or painting.   Make time in your daily routines to invest in your passions because that is how you will get to know yourself more and develop yourself.

paint brush on colorful paint

8. Set Boundaries in Your life.

Be selective with who you share your energy with and who is part of your inner circle. The only way you can do so is to set boundaries and say no. Say no to events and experiences that do not resonate with you or make you happy. Say no to going to places that you know will drain your energy.  When you set boundaries, you are teaching other people how to treat you and respect you because it all starts with you.

9. Remove Toxic Relationships and Friendships From Your Life.

It’s time to ditch the toxic friends and toxic ex in your life sis. Being in a toxic friendship and relationship with someone can put you back in your life for a long time because you will be going back and forth with them. There will never be an easy time to do so, do it now. You might feel bad or sad after making that right decision, but the future you will thank and be proud of yourself. You deserve the best wholesome and holistic friendships and relationships in life. Do not settle for less.

10. Invest in Yourself.

Now that you are working on prioritizing yourself in your life, self-investment is key to your growth. You are the most important person you need to invest in during your 20’s because you are your greatest asset in your life and goals. If you do not invest in your health, education, personal goals, and skills, who will? So go for it, invest in reading self-development books in your 20’s. Invest in courses that you want to better your skills in for the future. The return on those investments will be greater than you can ever imagine.

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11. Rest and Detox from Social Media for a while.

If you feel your mental health is affected because of the amount of time you spend scrolling and looking at other people’s lives, it’s time to take a break a bit and focus on yourself. Take a break to gather yourself and your thoughts. Take a break to disconnect from the fast world and just focus on yourself. Take a break to also work on your own content and ideas for your brand.

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12. Be Your Own Hype man and Cheerleader.

You need to learn how to believe in yourself more and hype yourself up even on your bad days. Not everyone is going to cheer you on and support you on your journey of prioritizing yourself, so you need to learn to be your own cheerleader.

13. Be Goal Orientated.

Have a goal-orientated mindset because that will teach you how to be focused and disciplined on yourself. Set specific goals for yourself and stick to them. Complete them and clap for your own self sis.

14. Stop comparing Yourself to Others.

We are all different in life. We all have different DNA and that itself should affirm you that you should not compare yourself to other people. You are unique and special in your own way. Remember this, the more you look at what others have, you are stealing time from appreciating yourself and your talents. Stop that. It is not healthy for you and your mental health. Someone once said that: “comparing is the thief of joy” and that is super true.


To conclude, remember your own lane, own pace. Life is not a race but a marathon. Focus on yourself and prioritize your self-development and growth because those are things that will truly help you vibrate higher and elevate higher. You will notice positive changes about yourself and you will start attracting better energy and company.

woman sitting cross-legged and looking at laptop

How you treat yourself is how you set a tone for others to treat you.  You will learn more about yourself and discover parts of yourself that you never even knew existed. So, do not give up on yourself just yet, you still have a long journey with yourself. So, make sure you make it meaningful.

Your 20s are your selfish years. Use them wisely. Use them to prioritize yourself. Use them to discover yourself and recreate the ideal version of yourself. It’s never too late because time is a huge asset you have in your 20s. Be patient with yourself.

I hope the above tips helped you in finding ways to prioritize yourself. Let me know down below which tips were your favorite.

Love, Kgomotso.


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24 replies on “14 Amazing Ways to Prioritize Yourself in Your 20’s”

Thank you for sharing these 🙂 I’m currently 21 and with the situation as it is I think sometimes we all need to just take time to recognise how good we’re all doing at handling this pandemic. Just living through a pandemic is stressful enough, without other aspects of life, and so these are some fantastic ways to look out for ourselves x

The pleasure is all mine. What you are saying is so true. We are too hard on ourselves and this pandemic taught me to take things day by day. I read a quote recently that said :”be proud of yourself for making it till this far in 2020″

It’s so important to prioritise yourself in all stages of life, but I feel like in your 20s you can compare yourself so much to other people! I love taking a social media detox every once in a while, makes you feel better!

Katie |

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment🌱.
Yes the pressure is still intense in our twenties. But we are still young and we don’t even have our lives figured out yet. Social media detoxes are the best. I used to go on one for 2 weeks. Now I can only go for a few days. (I think it’s the fomo but I’ll try again next year)

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Monique. I’m really happy that you are learning more and more about yourself and developing yourself in the areas you mentioned. I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing your post and I’ll definitely check out your blog post 🙂

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