How I Spent My Saturday

Hey loves welcome back to my blog. My name is Kgomotso and I am an advocate of self-love and taking care of yourself. I believe that self-care is the best care. By taking care of yourself first you are working on yourself first and ensuring that you look good on the outside and feel even better on the inside. And you should never stop.

So, as you guys know, I have been going through it during this quarantine time for the past weeks. But I am also working on my mental health cause wow. I am so grateful for my family and friends that are always supporting me no matter what. Its like they know and see that I am not okay and my mental health is not okay.

Anyways, I will talk about my mental my mental health so far in a blogpost. I moved back home around July and we had a helper but due to Covid-19 life has been hectic. Financially as well. My family was really trying but as you guys know the pandemic caused a huge toll on our lives in general. So let me explain ( separate blog post of my context)

The house has been dirty okay its quite okay but its spring and you know what that means (gif of smiling) it’s time for spring cleaning. Its time to clean your walls, clean your windows, wash your blankets, wash your curtains, and what perfect time than doing it now? We need to use our quarantine time wisely. So that is what I did the majority of my day. I will be spring cleaning for the next few days.

So, I woke up around 6am and then I started my spring cleaning process. I started cleaning my window from the inside then I washed my walls. My room has cream white walls, so they were a bit dirty. Then I took out the mattresses and everything. Then I washed my curtains. My room has white curtains. So, I washed the curtains. Then I tried taking a nap after all that and the process failed so yeah, I just resolved to being my phone and creating scenarios in my head about things that may never happened,

I also prayed for special somebody that I like at the moment. If it flows it flows, if it crashes it crashes.  Recently my vibe has been to date myself and focus on myself like everyone is so focused on getting a partner during this lockdown and quarantine time and I was also like that.

I learnt not to force things and vibes. I tried having talking stages with girls but it didn’t work out. Yes, Im lesbian. (pic) I also learnt to stay away from straight girls because they get hurt by their boyfriends and they think they can date me because they think its going to work out because I’m lesbian. I catch feelings easy so yeah, I’m staying from them and I’m grateful I’ve learnt during quarantine cause now I know my worth.

So after trying to take a nap, I got out of bed then I decided to take a bath. I added lavender oil to my water and I’m running out of lavender oil. I’m so sad guys. But we move it is what it is. I’m buying the lavender essential oil from clicks again. And I love the fact that I have been using it for a while and I love it so now I know I can write a blogpost and write about it. I love essential oils. I started investing in them during quarantine and my life has never been the same since. I wish I could take them everywhere.

Now comes the Self Care Part (smile,smile, dance, dance emoji)

After taking a bath, I spoke to my gran a bit then I told her goodnight. I’m going to have me time and take care of myself. I couldn’t find my baby oil yesterday so I used the baby massage oil to moisturise myself. I use an oil to moisturise my body. I use Johnsons baby oil to be precise. Its cheap and its lasts because I even use it as a makeup remover, cuticle oil for my nails and moisturiser for my body. I also love the fact that I am massaging my body during the process and I feel better overall.

So back to my self-care process, I first started with moisturising my cuticles with baby oil and I pushed back my cuticles with my cuticle pusher. It was a bit painful and also therapeutic, but I loved it. Then I applied clear nail polish and ended my night on a peaceful note. I read a book before I went to bed and drifted off to sleep afterward. 

That’s it from me today. My favorite blog posts to write about are these so far because I really love self-care. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

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