Saturday Blues

Hey loves. Today is a Saturday and I want to share my day with you. I know its been a while since I wrote blog posts like this and I missed this because I can just be me and write. I don’t have to stress about SEO or all the other specific things new bloggers have to worry about. I have been depressed for a few weeks. It was not manic depression. It was seasonal depression.

I know I mentioned in some of my last blog posts that I have been going through a lot of changes personally and in my personal circumstances, but I could handle my life here and there. Some days were better than most, but I am glad to say that I am back.

So, today I woke up around 6 am and just chilled in bed. Ever since I have self-hosted my blog, I have been doing so much research about my website and building it. I won’t lie and say that I had a set schedule or list of the things I had to work on my blog, I just kept it going and YouTube has been my biggest tool.

But I do not want to continue with this way of working on my blog because I am not documenting my journey like I did before. I want to document every glitch, problem and mistake along the way because I know one day its gonna help me and other bloggers out there. Anyways, I learnt so much during this break of self-hosting and building my blog from scratch. I learnt not to be hard on myself, this is still my first year in the blogging world and I should take it easy.

So okay I will dedicate a few posts to my blogging journey and self hosting journey. So far what has been stressing me is my page loading speed, at this current moment it is around 4.5 seconds and my research has been telling me that the average page loading speed is around 2-3 seconds, so I wont actually stress myself about that right now.

What I am also struggling with at the moment is: I have an issue with how some of my graphics that I have uploaded to my site do not look good. Maybe its because I currently installed the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin and maybe that’s why, so I wont stress myself. I want to research about backing up my website just in case something goes wrong.

Then around 08am, my gran and I took a walk around my neighbourhood. She is aging and physical activity is very important at this point because her mental health is not okay at the moment. But she is on prescription meds for the next 7 months and I am here all the way to take care of her and support her.

Then we got home around 08:35am then I made breakfast for her. I made her oats with cinnamon. She takes her diabetes medication and antidepressants around 9am.

Then I rested a bit, took a nap then dedicated the rest of my Saturday to my self-care routine.

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