University Lessons: Being Alone.

Hey, loves welcome back to my blog. Today I will be speaking about my university journey and also being alone. I am currently back at university and it’s been 2 weeks going into my 3rd week since I have been back. This is what I have learned during this quarantine.

I stay alone which is awesome because I used to have a roommate last year and it was not an easy road but we compromised a lot.

I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to stay alone so this year I made sure to stay alone because I love my space, literally. I could be in my room alone for the whole weekend and choose to stay in. I remember before the pandemic, I would go to school and as soon as school was over, I would rush back to my room to stay in and recharge.

So being alone during these times has a beautiful yet very emotional journey. The loneliness that comes from choosing yourself and choosing your goals is real. But I’m truly grateful for the experience. 

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