Breaking the Nail Biting Habit.

Hey loves. So let me tell ya’ll about how my quitting nail biting journey has been. It’s been 26 days since I bit my nails. Well let me say 26 days where I haven’t had the urge to bite my nails at one go.

This is the longest time I have went without biting my nails. Like in my entire life and it feels amazing. I feel like crying but I’m not going to because I’ll get very emotional.

I never thought I could go so long without biting my nails but I did and it finally happened when I let go of my nail habit.

I have always been the type to look at other people’s nails and crave having nails like them and since we are in quarantine I have decided to use this time to really implement good habits into my life. To choose habits that don’t make me anxious anymore or feed off my anxiety.

Being addicted to nail biting is a real addiction and a real thing. It becomes part of your daily habit. And you start doing it everyday and that is bad.


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