Anxiety still attacks me but I have learnt to deal with it and accept it.

Hey loves. Since we have been in lockdown and quarantine for the past few months, mental health has also been a growing pandemic because now we are met with a lot of situations and experiences that just scare us.

Let me tell you, even before this quarantine I used to be anxious to go outisde because I would be scared and now that we are at home and we only travel for essentials, I still get anxious because we are living amidst a pandemic.

But what I know for sure is that there are better days coming before us. Maybe I am forced to deal with my anxiety now instead of later because that’s the way it’s meant to be.

So sometimes I get anxious thoughts about my future, health, business, brand you name it. It’s like I’m a very ambitious person but my anxiety will trick me into believeinv that things will go wrong without me even trying and that’s a huge problem for me because i am a new entrepreneur in the game and i know thar entrepreneurs battle the most trickiest mindgames because it’s all about mindset.

Pushing for my brand around these times hasn’t been easy but it’s building me because i know it’s for a greater cause.

I am building mental strentgh ans resilience after all. So on this journey, be gentle with yourself. You are trying the best you can❀

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