I left home during a pandemic to go and fetch my dreams.

Hey loves. Welcome back to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

Well quick update on my life: I am a university student and currently doing my second year of Bachelor of Education.

I left home last week because I realised I needed some alone time to work on myself and my academics because home was great but not that conducive enough for me. So I chose myself and told my mom and gran that I wanna move back to my room and I’ll see them after a few months. It was not easy leaving home after 2 months of being with my granny, mommy and little brother. My granny was very sad to see me go especially during my last week. But she gave me strong words of encouragement and supported me in my decision of fetching my life and fetching my goals.

Durind the last week while I was home I prayed a lot and asked God for strength and wisdom because these are not safe times for anyone especially women in the world right now because we are targeted everywhere. The pandemic has made busy streets turn into quiet,scary deserted places so it’s really scary for us. But everything will be okay and will work out.

So my experience so far? My experience has been amazing and i have truly grown to become very strong mentally and I am able to control my thoughts.

I had always known that I had it in me to choose myself and choose my goals because when I look at it, I worked hard to secure my accommodation now and I wouldn’t feel happy if i was home knowing I could be back in my university room and working on myself.

Positive improvements so far? While it’s been close to two weeks now that I am back, i am noticing positive changes in me and that makes me happy.

For one I have started to be more intentional with myself because I am always alone. I’m also learning more about myself and my strength as a young woman in a very harsh and dangerous society.

So it’s not easy because I miss my family at times but then I think of the great oppurtunity offered to me at hand and realise how blessed I am to have a personal space to call my own. It’s almost like I’m in my mini apartment and I am so grateful.

Sometimes in life we have to make decisons that are uncomfortable and make us grow because that is where we become the best versions of ourselves. I know soon school will be over and I will be back home again enjoying my quality time with my loved ones.

My current mindset right now is to fetch my life as a 20 year old because no one will do it for me. It’s all in my hands.

So if you are also a student and are going back to uni soon or you are already there, I wanted to let you know that it’s not gonna be easy especially if you suffer from anxiety or OCD but I promise you it’s going to be worth it because choosing yourself is always the way and the future you will thank you.

Much Love.

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