How to cope with your mental health going forward in the future.

Hey loves, can you believe that the Month of May is almost over and it’s hitting me like a truck that I haven’t published enough posts in this category but I am proud of what I have posted so far.

So today’s blog post is on coping with your mental health and giving you tricks on how to trick your mind out of it.

Mental Health is seasonal they say. It can be great today and in the pits tomorrow but honestly we need to fight the good fight and that battle is in the mind.

Millennials are very up-to-date and lively people but we also suffer from depression. A chunk load of it. We are at the peak of our lives so we feel as if everything is going fast and progressing yet we aren’t so we end up being depressed. Okay, that’s another post for another day.

I think we are all battling with our mental health during this time because we are mental health story survivors if you get what I’m saying. But we are also brave and strong for speaking up about it. We need to acknowledge that and appreciate that.

So here are the ways to cope with mental health.

  1. Journal. Journaling is so important I want to go back to full-time daily journaling cause we have time and this quarantine time is perfect for that.
  2. Planning. Start planning your life out. Yes, we are living in uncertain circumstances but what better way to fix your mental health, plan. Think of it like this, when the year started perhaps you had a vision board, like me. Then covid-19 happened and the earth closed up. If you are blessed enough to not be affected terribly by this virus, then get back on it. Think of it as a blessing in disguise to assist you in your planning.
  3. Choose yourself. Yes, you heard me. Let’s be honest it’s not easy to do so perhaps you in a situationship or trying to get over your ex around these times, so choose you.
  4. Move your body. Have private dancing parties in your room, music can make a huge difference. This is the best time to practice those dance moves you’ve always wanted to learn.
  5. Exercise. Need I say more?
  6. Cut off whoever and whatever doesn’t grow you. You know what to do, sis.
  7. Work on yourself. Constantly.
  8. Be your own hype man and realize that you have been through worse but you still overcame it and you will overcome even more trials during this quarantine time.
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