The Ups and Downs of Blogging.

Hey loves. I realised that I haven’t been updating my blogging lesssons journey and that stresses me because it means that I am not documenting as I am going along. I sometimes go for 2 weeks not posting and I have realised and learnt that I have to post anyway because this journey is all about growth.

So far what have I leeant about being a blogger and this blogging journey?

This is what I have learnt:

1. You will be hard on yourself.

Here you need to learn how to be gentle with yourself and steady yourself on this journey. You need to listen to yourself and set achievable goals for yourself. Why the rush?

2. You will involve your emotions in this journey because you care for your blog.

You will be depressed at times or even anxious when you grow as a blogger. You will encounter uncomfortable content situations and you will have to pull through.

3. You will get frustrated when things dont go your way.

Sometimes you will plan a post and the execution won’t correlate with the plan. You will have to post anyway because someone out there might be inspired by your work.

4. Enjoy the process

Don’t make the mistake of wishing you were self hosted if you are not enjoying your free plan now. Enjoy every step and moment of the process.

5. Give yourself time, unapologetically so.

Sometimes you won’t have the luxury to blog everyday. Sometimes life will get in the way and you need to give yourself permission to live life. Just don’t go a month or few months without blogging.

In conclusion, this journey of bloghing is a rollercoaster of emotions. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t complete your goals on time, there’s still tomorrow. Don’t involve your emotions too much, you will be sad so instead go with the flow. Sometimes you have to go with the tide and ride the wave. Expect the unexpected. Enjoy every step of the way and gove yourself time to bloom.

These are the lessons I have shared so far and I promise to be more consistent qith all my categories ❤

Love, Motso Lifestyle 🦋🧡

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Thank you so much Addy❤❤ thank you for even mentioning my Instagram live on this platform and thank you for even mentioning it❤ I’m so happy right now. My heart is pumping yoghurt 😂😂❤ thank you for making my Friday afternoon.

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