My Self Care Saturday.

Hey loves. I hope we are all well. Another day in quarantine. Another Saturday locked down and stuck at home.

Who would’ve thought we would be living like this? Never in a million years. Mental health is very important for us at this current moment and time because we are home and we have a lot going on around us.

So what best way to care of our mental health?

Self care saturday.

This blog post is about what I did today. From the morning till the late afternoon.

I woke up at 4am and started my day as usual. I studied Education 2 which is a course in my Bachelor of Education degree then I spent time with my gran and mom talking to them. Then I went to the outside room to study till 12:00 pm. I was also on Twitter and did some content creation in between. I didn’t study for that long though. I procrastinated a lot. Its cause I get random waves of inspiration and end up being on social media which always leads to my interactions with my people on Twitter.

How did I prep my self care rotuine?


Well today is my rest day from gym and I thought I would do yoga but I was not feeling it. Maybe I’ll do yoga tomorrow.

I started by performing a lemon and turmeric mask on my face.

Then I ran myself a bath, added Himalayan salt( made sure the water is warm) then also added Epsom salt. I was doing intense Afro beat exercises this week and also did Pilates exercise for the first time on Thursday. it was so fun. I will write a post soon about that experience.

Then I added baby oil in my water for moisture and sealing in moisture because in my country we are in our peak season of corona because its winter now and I want to make sure my skin receives the nourishment it receives.

Then I pushed back my nail cuticles and massaged them. I made sure to relax in the water and listen to music. Here are the songs I listened to, to set my mood:

  1. Daniel Caesar-Get you ft Kali Uchis
  2. Jhene Aiko -Spotless Mind
  3. Bruno Mars- Treasure
  4. Dua Lipa- Don’t Start now

That’s all I did. I’m about to eat , relax then nap and wake and work on my content creation.

Happy Saturdaying. Don’t forget to spoil yourself and preserve that mental health of yours.

M. L. 🧡🦋.

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21 replies on “My Self Care Saturday.”

Thank you so much❤ I have to enjoy them like that because mental health comes first. Always. As time goes I wish to add more to my routine and really invest in it ❤
Right?😍😍a perfect feel good song.

Yes I get up at 4am everyday. Its all because I sleep early. I sleep around 7:30 pm and 8pm, the latetest I go to bed is 9pm. I work well around the am’s, that’s when I feel most alive because I get to have some peaceful time.

Yes! I love your routine as well. Which face masks do you use? Are they homemade or store bought?

That sounds so nice! I don’t take enough time to slow down and pamper myself. But a nice bath sounds lovely right about now!

Thank you so much 💖.Yes. We put self care last and we should be putting it first. But baths like these should be done once a week. I finally bought lavender essential oil to put in my bathwater. I love essential oils as well. ❤. I think I’m obsessed with self care

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