My Meditation Journey

Good Morning Loves. Happy Tuesday to all. Wow quarantine has been so development and enlightening for me. Its like the more I spend time working on myself, the more I need to learnt that I need to work on myself more. And its such a beautiful, unearthing experience. So I meditated today around 6:00 am. […]


The Ups and Downs of Blogging.

Hey loves. I realised that I haven’t been updating my blogging lesssons journey and that stresses me because it means that I am not documenting as I am going along. I sometimes go for 2 weeks not posting and I have realised and learnt that I have to post anyway because this journey is all […]


My Self Care Saturday.

Hey loves. I hope we are all well. Another day in quarantine. Another Saturday locked down and stuck at home. Who would’ve thought we would be living like this? Never in a million years. Mental health is very important for us at this current moment and time because we are home and we have a […]