My Recent Anxiety Attack.

Hey loves. Welcome to my blog🧡. Guess who has an anxiety attack last week Friday? Me.

So I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder when I was 15 years old. It was a very hard time in my life but I got through it. Even last week Friday was a hard time in my life and I never felt so down like I did. I didn’t physically have the attack it was more like a mild one.

What triggered it you ask?

A lot of things. I’m what you call the sensitive gal. I act tough and bottle my emotions and I act like everything is okay. While knowing it’s not. So what happens when I do so? I burst and I burst at weird intervals.

But let me get things straight. My attack wasn’t one where like the ones I had in the past, it was different. I felt so down and drained and so anxious about life. It happened on a Friday night. Right before I went to bed. It was hard for me that night. Luckily, I told a very close friend about it but I didn’t exactly telling her that I was going through an episode.

Us Mental Health bloggers, I think we share some traits in common.

  1. We get to a point where we are comfortable with sharing our journey and we think anxiety will never happen to us again. No honey it will.
  2. Coping and dealing with it becomes the last priority on our list because we think we have our anxiety on lock now that we blog about it. No honey it will resurface again if you not dealing with it.
  3. You shamelessly bury yourself in tasks and creative projects and think that your anxiety will magically be over. No honey, the hun is still there and the hun will resurface.

Let’s normalise really taking time off to work on our mental health till we are ourselves again. That’s what I did this weekend. I took time to myself, as always. I can’t get enough spending time alone. I just love it. I get to fall and pick myself up.

I hope my article helped you.

M.L. 🦋🧡

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Bottling up my emotions and bursting them open at wierd intervals is something I do too. We truly need to take some time off and take care of our mental health. Stay strong. Lots of love to you. ❤️❤️

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