Do not be afraid to be dynamic, use that superpower.

So as humans, as we know we have wonderful individual talents we want to show to the world but we are not exactly sure if it will fit with who we are and our brand. In today’s world, being dynamic is a superpower because you are versatile and can spread across through most niches and […]


My Youtube Channel process and why it’s taking me so long for me to put it out there.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog Motso Lifestyle. This is my brand and name. Today’s topic is all about my procastination towards uploading my first YouTube video and me trying to justify it. Enjoy.. So I have a YouTube channel already. I downloaded the app two weeks ago and decided to shoot. But I […]


The Journey

Season 1 Episode 1 My writing journey is now in full swing because I am starting to get the hang of writing and having my own website on WordPress which feels really great. Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my writing piece. Writing is a journey,a process and day-to-day activity. […]