Spending too much time alone.

I love spending time alone. I always have since I was young and this is why:

Spending time alone renews me as an individual and makes me feel strong in whatever projects I choose to start and do.

Ever noticed how when you are alone, you get to have complete autonomy over how you spend your time? That is what I enjoy the most. No one can tell me how to go about with my time and my decisions and that makes me feel empowered the most.

I completely understand that spending time alone sometimes is not ideal for other people because they are scared. But trust me, once you get to a point where you rock with yourself hard and lean with yourself, you have won.

In a world that’s constantly evolving and changing and leaves you shocked and stranded at times, spending time alone is the best time to reflect on yourself and life decisions. Sometimes it won’t be easy reflections but most of the time, you need the confrontation with yourself.

You need to track yourself and track your progress in everything you do, spending time alone gives you the freedom and advantage to do so.

I have always enjoyed spending time alone since I was young, but the more a person grows up and gets exposed to change, the more their perspective alters as well.

At some point in my life, in my teenage and early adolescent years, I started to not trust myself or love my company as much as I used to and trust me the people who know me, know I love my time the most.

That experience taught me a lot. For one, I’d say it was a learning curve and it made me realise the importance of just spending time alone and being valuable with your time and goals.

Spending time alone everyday before and since the lockdown began has taught me that there is so much to do. There is always something to do and that’s what I love the most.

It’s like going through a process where you are constantly re-evaluating your life and renewing your life.

I will forever be grateful for the time I spend alone, I know and understand that one day I won’t get this opportunity to work on my goals like this anynore

So if you are just like me and love spending time alone, let’s seize the oppurtunity and never look back.

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