Finding the motivation to study even in difficult pandemic times.

Gone are the days when one had to stress about getting A’s because at this point of life all I want to do is pass and finish this degree.

But it’s not easy to study during this pandemic because life is just weird at the moment.

I’m currently in my second year of university and I am studying towards a bachelor of education degree. I am studying a degree in which the future of the profession is not certain or clear because let’s face it, teaching will slowly become that career where teachers are going to work from home. Which is what I’m hoping for because looking at the impact of this virus on a larger scale, it seems like the future of learning is digital. It’s only a matter of few years before we go there.

I mean we can even take YouTube lessons as an example, I’m currently teaching myself my content subjects from YouTube due to the no-contact learning process and it’s not easy but it kind of makes me realise that the journey of learning is lonely and independent. Especially when you are becoming a teacher.

I love the profession don’t get me wrong. I love teaching but the way in which one now has to go about to teach themselves content clearly shows that this is a survival of the fittest journey.

Studying from home has taught me to gain accountability in all areas of my learning. It has really shown to me whether I want to study or not. And it’s not easy because we are currently fighting and facing a global pandemic that we never anticipated could happen.

My advice for you today is: Do the best that you can and complete your own personal academic goals. Don’t be hard on yourself and keep reminding yourself why you enrolled in your programme and why you want to finish.

It’s no use crying about it now, you are in it and you need to get out of it. You even have loans for it. So finish this progamme and see where life takes you next.

Put your mental health and well-being first and realise that there is only so much that you can do.

Remember this: you are human and you are allowed to take your time. Don’t be hard on yourself. You are trying. 🧡

Stay alive

It will all be okay soon

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