Use what you have, even though its hard.

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. Thank you for landing on my article. Today’s article is all about making the most with what you have an choosing the positive route in tackling your dreams and goals.

Even though we are living through uncertain times and the world has come to a halt and all we can is hope and pray for change to occur while we are in quarantine. At first we all thought that our lock down regulations would be lifted and life would go back to normal and we would all resume with how life was before.

But truth is, it is not business as usual and life cannot go back to normal. We see this through how this pandemic has affected all countries and caused a major lock down across. Well you are probably sitting at home and in quarantine and wondering and stressing about where your life is heading at the moment because you had plans to study and complete your degree, get a job etc. We can all see that, that won’t be possible for the next few months because the world and world leaders are busy fighting this covid-19 battle.

So now you are stuck, wondering if you are going to be okay. Wondering if life will work out.

Well let me motivate you today, life will be fine. Maybe not today but in the future. Let me explain; the epitome of human beings is to work, be social and form social interactions and travel. We have based the world and our perspectives of the world according to the way we lived before this pandemic. Now our shift in thinking has to change, why do I say so?

Well look at it this way, although the world might be going through the most right now, most companies,entrepreneurs and starting up people are making use of this opportunity. How you say? Simple. Look at your social media, look at the content that you are consuming, don’t you think that its the work of other human beings and you get to scroll and enjoy it?

While you are pointlessly scrolling,wishing for this period of time to end so you can go out there and conquer the world. Well honey that’s not how its working. It starts with you and what you do with your personal brand because the future is digital. I even think this virus has changed the future of the human race and how they will adjust to life going forward into life.

So if you have a dream to be known or to become an expert in whatever you love. Start working now. There is literally no excuse if you have internet connection and a phone. Start building your brand and working on your personal brand, because in a few years time that is you will have to present yourself within the online world.

Its never too late to start. The more you are wishing and hoping and looking at others, the more you are stealing from yourself. Instead use the internet. Use it wisely. Invest in your personal brand. Now is the best time than ever because trust me once all of this is over and the world resumes back to normal , you would have wished to use the time we have now in quarantine wisely. And everything will eventually go back to place because if you keep up with the global information about this pandemic, efforts are being made to ensure that people are safe.

So don’t wish and just do. What can you really lose?

Its mindset over everything. Use what you have. Don’t waste the time your have now. This is valuable time. If you are lucky enough to be alive and be present now. Start working. My emails are open for motivation You can trust me and tell me about your dreams. I’ll motivate you and be with you because I am also a beginner in this personal brand building journey.

Thank you.✨🦋

Motso Lifestyle.

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