My experience in living during the corona virus pandemic and being in quarantine.

Hey everyone, I hope you are okay and safe. As much as we would like to ignore it, it’s kind of difficult to do so at the moment. One can’t ignore how much of a drastic shift and change has occurred to us in the past few months because of the coronavirus. Life has changed for us. Our routine has switched to survival mode, going out when necessary only and ensuring you protect yourself from the outside world and surfaces.

Today I want to write about how different life has become. We are social distancing and everyone doesn’t greet everyone when going out in public.

Life is just so weird at the moment. There is no lively spirit in the air. It’s like the spirit of living and human activity has died down. Life is just so gloomy and dark at the moment. It’s a weird human spirit that we are currently experiencing right now.

I don’t blame us instead I sympathize with, myself and everyone in the world right now,

Being human is so weird but what I love about our species is that we adapt to life and how it is at the moment. At first, it seemed like a shock, but now it’s our current reality and we have to adjust to that. It’s no use complaining the virus has already impacted everything all over the world immensely.

What I know for sure is, there are going to be better days. I have faith in the human race and our survival. I have faith in the current generation that is producing content and writing out there, I had to speak about my experience because that is what  I am currently going through. This too shall pass.

We are all in this together. Lets remain strong. We can beat this. We can overcome this. Together we can.
We can beat this. We can overcome this.
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