Blogging Lessons

Warm greetings to everyone. I am back once again to talk about my lessons in blogging and my journey so far.

The more I blog, the more I am starting to learn and realize that I should do it more often and just go with the flow. I am also learning the value and importance of being organized and having a plan.

It doesn’t matter the occupation or degree you are currently studying, organization comes first. If you are like me: creative but can also be a procrastinator. I suggest you start to take your organisation skills seriously because as an aspiring blogger that is what I am also learning.

I have also realised that although blogging is my side hustle, I cannot treat like one instead I should really work on this skill. So have a plan. Since we use Microsoft word, use it for your benefit too. Use it to plan out your next 50 blog posts and social media posting strategy. I am starting now to work on my organisation skills because its a lesson I am learning everyday about myself.

Love, Motso

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