My Journey in overcoming Mental Health issues.

Warm greetings to everyone who took the time to land here and take the time to read the title. I thank you, please expect the truth in my writing pieces that is who I am and all I’ve ever known. This is who I am and this is my journey. My journey in mental health honestly started a long time ago. Im just only speaking up and writing about it now because I believe that now is the right time.

When I started this blog I realised how a big step of that I took in the world of writing and how much responsibility I have because this is me revealing my brand and lifestyle to the world.

I believed I was an anxious baby and that I was also cautious too at the same time. I also believe I am unique and special and that I was a kept to myself baby. I’m still a keeping-to-myself person because that is the best way I know how to deal with my emotions and cope with life.

So growing up I also felt different and felt very empathetic towards the world. It was as if I can hear the earth crying at times because I would always be anxious. Welcome to my series on Mental Health.

I believe that speaking up and writing about my experience will add value to someone’s life out there.

Thank You.

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