My First YouTube video

The Journey of becoming a you-tuber so late in the game. But its early in the game for you.

Welcome back everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post today. Well we all know how difficult it is to flip out your phone, record yourself and post yourself on YouTube. We are afraid of the process. We spend time trying to figure who we are and what our brand is. We end up not liking the process because by the time we hop on YouTube there’s already a million videos out there and you feel discouraged, wondering whether your videos will be watched or not.

But why are you already doubting yourself and your capabilities. Why are you not great on yourself? I decided to learn a lot during the way of creating my first video. I didn’t want it to be perfect I just wanted it to reflect me. For me it felt like a beautiful project I had to piece in together and I will always be happy with the end result.

I took away the fear of appearing ugly on YouTube or weird or any kind of fear and I posted my first video.

Oh I was also experiencing minor technical glitches on my end that were hindering viewers from seeing my channel on the search results and leading them to not being able to subscribe to my brand. This confused me a lot because I thought since I download the YouTube app and made a channel, I would be found easily. But nope. I had to go back to YouTube and research why that is happening and I sorted that out. I’m glad to say that I have a YouTube channel now. The name is Motso Lifestyle. It had to be. It must because that is my linear, long-tail brand for my future and legacy.

It has been a beautiful process so far because it has taught me to rely on myself and be free and learn as I go. It has made me realise that I have to be open to learning about myself always because its for the benefit of myself and my journey.

So I’m glad to say I can promote and talk about my long term channel on YouTube now. I’m super happy.

Love, Motso.

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